What are steps of keeping your room clean and tidy?

At the conclusion of a long day, as I turn off the lights and walk towards my bedroom, I reflect on how hectic my day was and how much I can’t wait to crawl under the covers in my bed, put on the television, and relax. I’m practically delirious with joy as I reach my bedroom door.

The only thing that may disrupt this urge to unwind after a long day is walking into a cluttered and disorganized bedroom. I’ve had times in my life when I didn’t always keep my bedroom neat. The last thing I want to see after a hard day or night out on the town with friends is clothes on the floor, laundry on the bureau, or stacks of bills on the nightstand.

There’s no doubting that a cluttered bedroom can have a bad impact on one’s mood. See this article: Can cleaning make you happy?

Over the years, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to keep your room clean so that my small oasis, the tranquil and calm space in my home that serves as my escape sanctuary, remains that way.

I adopted these habits, and today I’m going to provide you What are steps of keeping your room clean and tidy?

What are steps of keeping your room clean and tidy?

To keep your room clean and tidy, you should follow these steps:

  1. No storage is permitted
  2. Use storage containers properly
  3. Make your bed
  4. Keep bureau/dresser/nightstand’s top clutter-free
  5. Put your shoes away
  6. No clothes on floor
  7. Put laundry away

1. No storage is permitted

Have you ever stepped into someone’s bedroom and found it crammed full of storage boxes, cartons, and junk? I have, and there is nothing about that room that entices me to sleep.

Your bedroom should not be used as a storage facility for items that do not have a home. It would be tough to maintain your space neat and tidy if you use it in this manner. Take a day to clear up your room’s clutter and find a new home for everything, or better yet, sell, donate, or throw what you no longer need or desire.

One of the nicest things you can do for yourself is to purge your environment and create a setting where you’ll love going home at the end of the day.

If your home is less than spotless and well-organized, cleaning your bedroom will provide you with a small piece of heaven you’ve been missing.

2. Use storage containers properly

My daughter lives in a small condo and must make the most of every square inch of available space.

She recently bought under-the-bed storage for clothing she wants to retain but doesn’t wear every day because she works from home.

If you need to keep stuff in your bedroom, invest in under-bed storage bins or closet storage options.

3. Make your bed

Making your bed at the start of the day is a vital first step toward a successful day.

It only takes about two minutes to make the bed, and the room immediately appears better. Did you realize that making your bed motivates you to keep your room clean?

Make your bed every morning and you’ll be surprised at how much better your room will seem. In the few minutes it takes to make the bed, you virtually instantly create a neater space.

4. Keep bureau/dresser/nightstand’s top clutter-free

The tops of nightstands and bureaus should be kept clear of clutter. Only keep the necessities over your nightstand.

My nightstand contains a lamp, hand lotion, before-bed supplements, and a book or two. My dresser is home to perfume, a small jewelry box, and my mother’s prescriptions.

Having a small number of stuff on the tops of your furniture makes dusting once a week a breeze. Remember that one of the habits of people who keep their homes clean is to dust and vacuum once a week. Clutter removal will enable this.

5. Put your shoes away

Rather than throwing your shoes off and leaving them where they fall, try storing them in your closet or on a shoe rack.

Keeping things off the floor will also make it easier to vacuum your space. This minor task will only take a few seconds but will significantly improve the appearance of your room.

Here’s a possible storage solution for you. This is the identical shoe organizer I have in my closet, and I adore it since it not only holds shoes, but it also holds pocketbooks.

6. No clothes on floor

Nothing makes a place look more disorganized than garments on the floor. When garments are left on the floor, you quickly notice the disorder of the atmosphere. Stop throwing your clothing on the floor, please, please, please.

Install a hamper in your bedroom or bathroom if it is where you undress each night. It takes the same amount of time to put your clothes in the hamper as it does to throw them on the floor.

Put your dirty clothing in the hamper and your room will look better at the end of the day.

7. Put clean laundry away

When I initially started my house cleaning service, I had a family that never had their children put their clothes away. Clothes were piled so high on their bureaus and dressers that they couldn’t see the mirror. It was ludicrous, and it made the space appear untidy despite the fact that we had just cleaned it.

Putting away your laundry is worth the effort it will take to transform your room into the refuge you deserve.

Additional Tips for Keeping Your Room Clean

Here are the bonuses to keep your room clean and tidy:

#1: Don’t eat in your bedroom

I know a lot of people enjoy grabbing a bowl of ice cream and heading upstairs to watch the Late Show, but try to avoid. When you eat in bed, you usually wind up with a collection of cups, bowls, spoons, and other items.

It invites pests and ants into your sleeping quarters, something no one wants! You’ll never have to worry about unexpected guests in your bedroom if you leave the dining to the table.

#2 Throw things out on a regular basis

First, ensure that you have a waste can in your bedroom.

But don’t forget to drain it afterwards!

Also, take the time to get rid of items that you might normally leave on dressers and nightstands. This ensures that your space is always clear of clutter and waste, and that it looks perfect.

In conclusion

Taking the effort to put these suggestions into action will ensure that you have a great spot to go at the end of a hectic day.

Don’t feel obligated to apply all seven. Begin with one and add a new tip each week.

It may take you a bit longer to build your retreat, but you’ll be learning how to maintain your place tidy in the meantime.